• Keith Hodge

    Keith Hodge is renowned for his healing abilities and is the founder of the Intuity. He has now enabled over 1000 people to heal from a broad range of health and emotional imbalances to then become empowered, happy and healthy.

    Keith is an extraordinarily experienced healer and hypnotherapist. Nothing makes Keith light up more than to see other people be freed of the imbalances that cause them suffering while also discovering how to ‘live through heart’ which as he says enables people to open their senses, embody their power, become fully self expressed and bring their greatest gifts to the world.

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  • Kyla Williams

    Kyla has always been intuitively guided to live through heart, a highly sensitive empath, alchemist and visionary she has become an extraordinary healer.

    She holds a fiercely powerful space for those wanting to transform their shadows and rise into their fullest expression. Working with Kyla comes with an abundance of love, compassion, wisdom and empowerment which enables those who work with her to discover their own heart centred truth whilst also becoming trusting of their own inner guidance.

    For over 19 years, by leading private sessions, transformational workshops, retreats and trainings around the world Kyla has enabled countless people to become empowered in their self expression, to deepen in self love, to master a balanced lifestyle and create a fulfilling life of love, connection and freedom.

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  • Keith and Kyla

    Keith and Kyla combine their skills in offering a wide range of workshops, retreats and practitioner trainings

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