Empowerment Training has been created in a modular format starting with A Journey Into Heart.
Each module progresses on from the previous one and students can choose how far they wish to progress

Module 1: A Journey Into Heart Brighton: 5 Day Training
Learn to develop a connection to your gifts and abilities

Module 2: Discover Your Power: 9 Night European Retreat
A life changing discovery into owning your power

Module 3: Embodiment: Coming Soon

Upcoming dates for A Journey Into Heart – Brighton
Five day training spread over two weekends

Saturday June 8th & Sunday 9th & Friday June 14th, Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th

Over the course of 5 days, A Journey Into Heart will offer you an amazing foundation to discover how to live through HEART. The heart is our greatest guide. When we live through our heart we live in presence, connected to our knowing of what is true for us from moment to moment. Society is set up to train us to live through our mind and emotions. Living through the heart may be something you have heard of but what does it actually mean?
In this course we will teach you, in a live environment, how to be in your own heart. We will train you how to step out of the repetitive patterns of your mind again and again so that you can choose to practise living through your heart.