Keith and Kyla have helped  many people to transform their deepest emotional wounds.

They work one-to-one with people who are committed to whatever it takes to access and break through root emotional patterns that they have not previously been able to reach.

In order to heal, YOU have to be READY to heal.

Intuity’s one-to-one healing sessions are for those fully committed to transforming their lives, breaking old patterns that simply aren’t working and allowing themselves to interact from a vantage point of alignment and wholeness, accessing infinite possibility.

For this reason there is an application process, and for all successful applicants the first session is complimentary.

We work in this way so that you can be sure you are fully committed to healing. Keith and Kyla work from a place of intuition and trust the knowing in their hearts which of the applicants they will be able to support in transforming their life BEYOND recognition.

The complementary session allows you to have an experience of the power of this work and for us to gain an insight into what may be possible for you. This initial session will enable us to observe your current level of awareness/ sensitivity and how quickly you are able to allow yourself to access the deeper emotional wounding within you. If at this point both of us feel the power in choosing to guide you through a personalised process of root emotional healing, then we will create a package for you to work with us over a period of time.

To begin your application you can email us on or you are welcome to contact Keith on 07795 263822 or Kyla on 07817 776491.

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