Powerful, Transformational Healing



    It can be difficult for us to see what is causing imbalances in our life. There is a tendency to hide or protect ourselves from the pain of such truths.

    Intuity is experienced with helping to uncover and transform energetic patterns that are limiting/ restricting your expression, ability to manifest or enjoyment of life.

    Investing in the assistance of a skilled healer who is able to help you access these parts can lead to powerful breakthroughs.

    Whatever issues you are currently suffering from in your life, Intuity one to one sessions offer a wide range of healing techniques to help you uncover the root of the energetic imbalance and powerfully transform your life.

    A 1h session with Keith costs £120 and with Kyla £90. Sessions can be online or in person at the Brighton clinic.

    To book a session contact Keith on 07795 263822 or Kyla on 07817 776491