Lisa currently has spaces at the Low Cost Clinic on 26th October. A one hour session is £10. Book online to secure your place.


From: £15.00


    After studying in Energy Healing field, Bodywork and Massage, Lisa qualified in Reiki 1 and Ascension Reiki, Energy Healing Practitioner Training with Intuity Healing, Uk and Hawaiian Massage with the Hawaiian Massage UK Training Center.  Her approach is to feel into the body and energy field to identify what is keeping the client in a situation they are wanting to transform. She assists the client, to powerfully tune into the energy structure they are creating, and to tune into their body in the present. This enables them to come into alignment and embody the new way of being so life opens up to their desired manifestation.

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    11th May, 27th May, 22nd June


    10:00, 11.30