Module 3 Embodiment 

Embodiment is the third module of the Intuity Empowerment Training. The structure is four, 3 day weekends over a year, with online events and mentoring to support you between the weekends. 

Once you have completed this module you will be a qualified Intuity Healing Academy practitioner. 

Living through heart and your power centre requires a level of mastery. In the first module you will have learnt how to access your heart and to know the difference of when you are coming from heart or from your mind/ emotions. You will have started to develop the ability of choosing to return to centre as soon as you become self aware. 

From the second module you will have a real experience of who you are when you are in your power and started developing tools to access your power more frequently.

When you are centred in your power and in your heart simultaneously this is where you have the choice to be the full self expression of you are and to manifest your gifts and passions in the world. 

Every time you are triggered you move out centre. In this module you will learn to be able to heal these triggers for yourself, which will enable you to return to centre more quickly.

You will learn to observe the movements that take you out of centre as they happen. These are the past woundings, beliefs and identities that repeat the same limiting patterns again and again. 

To be able to create and express yourself authentically is to be centred in heart and power discovering yourself moment by moment. As soon as we think we know who we are or the way to do things we instantly drop into mind. True knowing is discovered in this moment and it a skill to be able to do this.