The Empowerment Training Module 2 – Discover Your Power

6th June – 14th June 2020 – 9 night retreat in Portugal.

Accommodation and full board is included in the price.



    Discover Your Power

    Prerequisite – Completed module 1, A Journey Into Heart

    This module is a remarkable discovery into owning your power. You will be guided into and supported in breaking through the root of emotion that stops you residing in your power.

    Most people are not centred in their power due to past wounding and emotional triggers moving them out of centre.

    Having access to our heart and developing the senses is the first step. You may notice that since a journey into heart, staying in your heart is a challenge. The reason for this is that your mind and emotion keep pulling you out of centre. Once you discover your power everything can transform.

    Join us for the second module of The Empowerment Training through a 9 night retreat in Europe. This experience will be truly life changing!

    This module is taught as a retreat so the energy of the group can be focused and built upon until whatever is holding back surfaces ready to be broken through.

    £1795 – Accommodation and full board is included in the price.

    To book your place contact Keith on +447795263822 or

    You will:

    • Learn what it is to be in power and how it supports you living through heart
    • Experience breaking through the blocks and emotions that hold you back from being in your power
    • Find your voice and true expression
    • Deepen you connection to heart and your senses
    • Develop in the art of emotional tracing
    • Gain self awareness and the ability to observe movements that take you away from centre
    • Discover the investments in maintaining your identity
    • Become empowered in transforming your own limiting beliefs, patterns and emotions