“A Journey Into Heart, has made me see things with such great clarity. Not only are Keith and Kyla amazing space holders, they also bring a warmth and personality. If you are considering joining A Journey Into Heart, I would say expect a whirlwind of a great time, and major breakthroughs in your spiritual and mental wellbeing. This course has helped me communicate and build intimate relationships, which before I thought was impossible. This is all thanks to Keith and Kyla and the amazing course, humour and the safe space they provide. I will never be the same again.”

– Edward Vaughan, A Journey Into Heart, Brighton June 2019

“An organic experience from start to end, that perfectly encompasses the practicalities, tools and methodology needed to journey into heart. In the space created by Keith and Kyla we were able to journey into the depths, spaces and expansiveness beyond what is imaginable, all while being securely held and given the freedom to express anything, in anyway, without judgement, in order to discover who we truly were.”

– Amy (was small now HUGE!) Coppard-Harkin



    The Empowerment Training Will Change YOUR LIFE

    Live Dynamic Transformation

    Module 1 – A Journey Into Heart March 2020

    Join us for A Journey Into Heart and discover that YOU are the one you have been waiting for!

    – A profound and REVOLUTIONARY way to live your life

    – A training that leads to radical change

    – Feel liberated through allowing your fullest expression


    Your heart will ALWAYS guide you to the place you need to be.
    The question is ARE you willing and able to listen?

    A Journey Into Heart 

    Spread over two weekends in March 2020
    Saturday 21st, 22nd and then Friday 27th, 28th, 29th

    Purple Turtle Wellbeing Centre, Brighton, UK

    A Journey Into Heart is open to anyone that has the desire and commitment to explore their sensitivity, abilities, deepen connection to self & live a life guided by heart.

    At the core of all Intuity Academy training is deep transformation.

    You will:

    • Learn how to live from your heart and connect with your inner guidance
    • Explore the 80% of information that is available through your 4 extra senses: seeing, hearing, feeling (empathy) and knowing
    • Awaken and develop your abilities as a sensitive
    • Identify aspects and emotions that are blocking your full expression
    • Experience LIVE transformation with Kyla & Keith
    • Learn how to ground, centre, discern and create clear boundaries
    • Develop long lasting connections to yourself and others
    • Experience starting to powerfully transform areas of your life that no longer serve you……. PLUS much more!

    Investment £895
    (Deposit £100 and payment plans available on request)

    For more information contact Keith on +447795263822


    The Empowerment Training could be the greatest investment you ever made in yourself!